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    Complexity-cross Disciplinary


Make a new Radiology Residency.

We’ve designed a unique healthcare startup with a Core Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp Course across the wide existing spectrum of innovation. Radiology residency as Intrapreneurs.

In difficult times, when costs have been cut in the pandemia era,  the top line growth becomes and attractive option.

Any radiology resident can commit with time and always willing to implement  winning ideas, but need to understand the key to success guided under a training and coaching in areas like: business planning, “soft landing if failure“, and consolidate any ideas that have passed the initial requirements, to be open during the training years to tailor innovative management processes.

What we do

Improving engagement and providing transparency

When wisely implemented, doctor or patient engagement features benefit both  by putting them  in control of their health and benefit clinicians by giving then more time to focus on care. In radiology, two major forces drive them all: Understanding and easy to use.

Maken Happen


Can help residents  in weighting the Input by analysing  key healthcare informants in terms of power, influence, and the extent to which they will be impacted by a change in the problem care area.

New Tools

in the Decision Process

Let your radiology residentes start mapping  the major types of open innovation along the spectrum of openness:


  • Knowledge
  • Persuasion
  • Decision
  • Implementation
  • Confirmation

There is a way to do it better- find it.

Thomas A. Edison

Merging Innovation in Curriculum
Working hours
were spent


Create your
Medical team.

Faculty Radiologist

— Project  Manager

Coaching resident

— Tester
Skateholder Opinion

Hospital CIO

— Dev & intramural Strategist
Mobile & web coordinator

Radiology Technician

— Patient Engagement

Innovation & follow-up

— Statement validator
Feedback Adherence

Radiology Resident

— Creative Doctor
Validator of needs

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