We’ve intergated a unique visual radiology AI system with a simple strategy across the wide existing RIS spectrum to simplify the radiology workflows.


Across a wide spectrum of AI in spine, brain and thorax using MRI, CT and r-xays interactive applications.


Rebuild a unified radiology system for tany department, made of powerful innovations which can change the daily work.

  • Strategy

    AI, Radiology

  • Design

    AI reporting assistant.


We’re changing the way people think of AI in radiology.

We believe to be a team of change makers who are excited about unique ideas and help healthcare and fin-tech companies.  With the following cornerstones: No volume commitment,  pay only for what you send us to read, and manage overflows in real time.

We have  all for each subspecialty reports and over-reading round the year. Forget reporting hassles and focus on expanding business and deepening client relationships.

No more Black boxes

We’re designing new ways to interact with an intelligent RIS.

A full-stack cloud solution to support any workflow processes smoother by automatically detecting bad quality scans and creating preliminary reports for some of the most common modalities.


RIS by the numbers.

Errors Types Detectors

Can learn up to 25 more common report errors across the whole platform.

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API Integrations

Powerful connections software-enabled hubs to completely change the way of RIS iterations.

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Auto Reports

We have strict intentions to completely change the way of UI/UX creation.

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What We Made



Report turnaround

Enhance your Radiology service with leading Teleradiologists across the globe to help with preliminary and secondary reads.


Pay as You Go

A simple pricing model for timely reports help in kickstarting your patient care without delay.


AI enabled Reporting engine

Get preliminary readings and reports for emergency and critical cases, or to help shorten your normal case queues.


Customized AI Reports

Get customized structured reports that match your reporting style, meaning near zero edits.

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