Anticipated Care Inteligence

Up to 25% chronic patients will be readmitted within 30 days to be treated again, often with less favorable outcomes.

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Familiar clinical metrics.

Identifying risk factors globally at the population level and locally associated with each single discharge

Target high-risk populations

Build plans to use Gmail, G docs and G Calendar to pre-discharge interventions

Bridging interventions.

Keep tracking of patients at discharge with clinician continuity between inpatient and outpatient settings

Early hospital discharges may not lead to overall cost-savings

Premature discharge as discharge to an environment when not capable of meeting a patient's medical needs may result in a hospital readmission.

Create your intervention plan to reduce readmissions

We can help top re-engineer the discharge process to ensure a safe transition with the potential to substantially improve patient care and reduce health care expenditures.

Build easy post-discharge interventions

 Create an appropriate next site of care, and review of interventions to reduce the likelihood of unplanned readmissions and adverse events after discharge.

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