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What we do

Find new models to improve patient care with imaging.

The two greaters assets of radiology innovation are knowledge and people so we combine the capabilities of different tools like Chain Data, MRI Bots, AI in Reporting for a better and secure delivery care to patients  into a seamless strategy.

Bringing It Down To Earth
Bringing It Down To Earth

We help digital departments to grow their self-interest and get an AI space.

Better Reports
Better Reports

We utilize the AI of unstructured texts to prevent errors

MRI Bots
MRI Bots

We simplify the patient security in MRI studies.


Using Thinking Strategies for second opinions

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Our most recent
digital and AI

- Albert Einstein

"The mind that opens to new ideas never returns to
its original size"

Full Stack Radiologist

We’ve created a full-stack education for deployment during residency with success, into a simple but powerful system-adjusted for better care and learning programs.

Merging Innovation in Residency

We are a think-tank strategy to deploy innovation into the Radiology Department and Hospital for a space between a ground safe for hospital system and lead incubators.

The future is here

We teach the fundamentals of innovations in residency to leverage the adherence to convert radiology residents into change makes Radiologist for better outcomes-based in medicine in the future.

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Innovation Thinking Hours

Our results are made using amazing UI/UX and data driven tools, for a top-notch user experience in radiology.

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Working hours spent

We’ve structured many workflow processes from complex to the simple into a win-win between hospital and learning needs.


Digital & Physical

We help to rise a real space where ideas happen into things, like:

- New channels for communication in radiology
- Apps for residency learning program
- Translating Live Instructions for patients (CT and MRI)

A Physical Space

Labs & Test

We create a digital environment to rise ideas to apps like:

-CME in radiology for mobiles
-Alexa and Google Assitant for appointments
-Error free in Radiology Reports
-Share images and report for treatment physician

Digital Hub

Lab & Test

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We’re a team of Radiologists who are excited about unique ideas and help digital and fin-tech healthcare to create amazing changes.