A Follow-Up Care Platform

Made for Google

In Patient Data Management each patient is unique, so

we´ve made healthcare effortless

by creating a platform where doctors, clinics and patients interact using Google

Our Doctor Office Follow-Up Solution

Discharged patients to prevent unnecessary revisits.




patient interchange


Sync Calendars

Sync any patient intake & refills or Vaccinations with a timely next visit calendar.

Patient Education

Informs and educates patients on their diagnosis, prognosis & treatment plan.

Sync your Docs

Sync your Docs associated with internal patient tasks & share with focus groups.

Hangout conversation

Optimize when to start Hangout conversations with patients at risk of revisits.

Auto Responder

Auto Responde all your emails, or appointments in calendar, chats questions in groups.

ED revisits

Set ED revisits within specified timeframes: 48 hours, 72 hours, 7 days, etc.

Online forms

Ready to use many forms for online outcomes questionnaires, survey and ToC elements.

Medical Record

Sync our Outpatient Medical Record (OMR) with a lists of discharge tasks for PCPs.

Best-of-breed physician workplace with G

Using G Suite - formerly Google Apps any physician can follow-up their patients in minutes with scheduling, chatting, collecting docs, and should not cost more.

– Set Gmail as the main tool for improving and simplify your daily practice.
– Using Google Calendar or Google Forms for Online Scheduling.
– Accepting payments or copays through gmail.
– Sync a doctor appointment and refills reminders with your Google Calendar.
– Update the with internal patient tasks from Google Calendar.
– Start Hangout conversations with your patient.
– Recommend social network for each disease using Google Plus.
– Start per disease conversations within focus groups.
– Access to your patient contact lists easily and update your directory.
– And many more…

– Step by step guide for making your G Suite Account HIPAA Compliant.
– Step by step guide for making your G Suite Account GDPR Compliant.
– Store online outcomes questionnaires and our ready made forms templates.
– Secure storage for any file.
– Keep clinical summaries and files per patients sorted and secured.
– Search across any Gmail and Drive to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, etc.
– Use search in the Cloud with natural language understanding.
– Get in search fields instant query predictions, contextual results, and more.
– And many more..

– Create any Google Docs associated with internal patient tasks.
– Make an online intake patient intake form.
– Use Voice Dictation within Docs for speed follow-up plans.
– Integrate forms and follows into a single advanced, fast online spreadsheet.
– Deliver on the fly patients surveys by selecting our patients visit forms.
– Design your own webpage with no programming or design skills needed.
– Embed with ease any folder/Doc, or share a Calendar.
– For tech-savvy doctors build custom workflows (low-code dev skills).
– Not an IT enthusiast? we can build apps that empower your practice (eg. EMR).
– Capture off the record notes using Keep. Save what’s important, get more done.

– Protect your medical data with email archiving & legal holds.
– Select to comply local regulations your retention policies for legal audits.
– Find and retrieve valuable information.
– Easy exporting to standard formats.
– Track your practice activity within Vault and use robust audit trails.
– Preserve your Gmail, Drive, and on-the-record Hangouts data.
– Request an eDiscovery for seeking and finding information in electronic format.
– Request an auto-encrypted backup of your medical digital practice.
– Sync Data Auditing Immutable Records (DAIR) by the blockchain (coming soon).
– And many more…

Still have a question? Reach out to us: info@medpike.com

Advance Clinical Access

Advanced clinical access refers to expanding patients’ and family members’ options for interacting with their health care team, including opportunities for in-person visits, after-hours care, phone calls, emails, and other services like drop-in groups, forums by disease and more.

Improve the transition from inpatient to outpatient status  in chronic disease care.

We help doctors to translate medical in patient-reported improvements into simple care coordination.

Systematize cross-setting communication and collaboration

Advanced clinic access is ready for expanding patients’ and family members’ options and interacting with their health care team.

Reduce preventable readmissions

Need for Patient-Centered Approaches. Alternatives to traditional post-hospital visits.

Automatize non-compensated tasks

Deliver an effective communication between inpatient and outpatient care controls.

Get a recommended appointment interval

Secure post-hospital predictions of follow-ups based on the medication regimen.

Anticipate possible clinical scenarios

Optimize follow-ups for timely post- hospital /ED visits with Antibiotic Utilization (ABX)

“After a hospital stay, patients really need their doctors to help them manage at home and avoid hospital readmission/doctor revisit”

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