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Using human behaviour skills to achieve better outcomes for everyone.

We are a team of thinkers, and MD’s devoted to helping patients change behaviors

MEDPIKE integrate what patients know about technology  into your practice or hospital insights
Better care platform 
HIPERCONDRIA is a doctor-office or hospital Patient & Follow-up Google Platform 
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Marketplaces healthcare
SALUDEXPERT is the best in class marketplace with a
Social Media Network.
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Outpatient Care Wellness
We offer build-in digital wellness online programs without apps or webportal

Start using our behaviour-computer interface for your digital transformation

HIPERCONDRIA have the best strategies that will guide you to take informed decisions from actionable data.
Create Doctors Directory & Sync across all Patients
Integrate all your “if-then” statements in G Suite.
Choose how to predict readmissions and revisits
Agile frameworks to out and inpatients follow-ups.
Select Outcome Metrics for in & out patients care
Measure each intervention
implemented for outcome.

improve around your discharge processes
Improve your hospital / ED discharge process using AI.

We’ve been innovating businesses since 2014, let us do it for you!
Health information is not a benefit for a patient ” it should, but it isn’t” Patients want and need actionable knowledge, real good advice based on patient’s records.
Marina Laurence
We work with you to assemble a combination of  technologies tailored to your health system.
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